Metaverse Design & Development

Whether it's the virtual or augmented reality worlds, whether it's The Sandbox or Decentraland, we can teleport your brand, trademarks, and products into web3.


Our team has compiled a deep understanding of the metaverse to support brands across different industries in leveraging this virtual world.

  • Metaverse Design

    We work with you to define the attributes and characteristics of your virtual worlds.

  • Metaverse Development

    Our team of metaverse developers will bring your vision to life, whether it be in The Sandbox, Decentraland, another metaverse, or your own proprietary world. In addition to this end to end development, we can also help design and deliver events in the metaverse, hosted in your virtual worlds.

  • Metaverse Advertising

    Find novel ways to expose your brand to new audiences, and in particular Gen Z, by getting your brand in the right places. We are able to leverage our partnerships with key players in the metaverse ecosystem to identify high quality advertising opportunities.

  • Metaverse Land Buyer's Agent

    Secure land in popular metaverses such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, Bloktopia, CryptoVoxels, Pavia and other sector specific metaverses.


Our process

Define Objectives

Clearly define your objectives, target market, and budget, in order to inform which metaverse, and what kinds of lands are best suited to your brand.

Explore and Analyze

We perform a thorough investigation of available lands, while conducting a cost/benefit analysis.


We secure best-fit lands in the metaverse for your brand, within your parameters.


Our team works closely with you to design your experience in the metaverse.


Using the design created, our metaverse builders will get to work building the exact experience in the metaverse.


After building your experience, we help you grow your audience and continuously add value on the foundation created. This includes influencer alignment, events and building partnerships with best-fit brands in the metaverse.

Creso Pharma

ASX-listed pharma and cannabis company, Creso Pharma, approached Collective Campus to help it navigate its way into the metaverse.


We secured a parcel of land next to Snoop Dogg in The Sandbox metaverse and designed and developed the Cresoverse - Creso Pharma's experience in the metaverse which promotes its products, can be used to sell NFTs, and run collaborations with influencers.

Within hours of the announcement going live, numerous mainstream outlets had covered the Cresoverse, including The Australian, The Herald-Sun, and Stockhead.

Hundreds of waitlist sign-ups were generated within hours of going live, as Creso's market warms to the idea of the metaverse.

In addition to this, it has exposed Creso's brand to new target audiences and demographics, and will pave the way for new revenue streams by way of NFT drops, and exclusive experiences inside the Cresoverse.



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