Is your organization struggling to make sense of web3, NFTs, and the metaverse?

Do you want your team to develop an understanding of what it all means, and more importantly, what it might mean for your organization, but don’t have countless hours to spare going down rabbit holes to find out?

No problem!

We’ve spent so much time down rabbit holes we’ve turned to eating nothing but carrots.

Our team has distilled hundreds of hours consuming books, articles, podcasts, talks, and conversations, into a 45-minute session to help your team cut through all of the web3 noise, get to the signal, and take informed action.

Presented by Harvard Business Review contributor, SXSW speaker, author of several Wiley books, and founder of Metavise, Steve Glaveski, your team will learn:

How web3 differs from web2 and web1
The pillars of web3 - decentralization, ownership, trustless
The token economy
How blockchains work
The three layers of blockchains (L1, L2, L3)
DeFi (decentralized finance) and DApps (decentralized apps)
NFTs (non-fungible tokens) - what they are and why they matter
The metaverse and virtual worlds
Gaming and P2E games
DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations)
How brands are leveraging web3
Examples and case studies from your industry

Your team will also have the opportunity to ask questions relevant to your own organization’s circumstances, and your team’s own curiosities. 

We can also tailor exclusive talks about any one or more of the above-mentioned topics, and tailor talks to suit the nuances of your industry. 

Keen to learn more or book a session? Contact us!


Our team at Nash recognised the need to get up the curve on Web3 and the Metaverse, and the commercial opportunities that would be emerging over the coming decades with this important advancement. Steve from Metavise took us from zero to one, arming us with the knowledge that will help to navigate our way through this exciting step change in how the global economy will interact.

Kevin Han, Nash Advisory

We've hosted 25+ conferences around the world, and it's rare to find someone with the so-much needed combination of being raw and real, focused and fun and informative and inspiring like Steve. For sure he left our community with some real food for thought to chew on and digest.

Hans Balmaekers, Innov8rs

Even after traveling half way around the world to join us, Steve brought immense passion, energy, and a wealth of knowledge to the IO Summit.

Brain Ardinger, IO Summit


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